Configure my Fedora Workstation
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Ansible Playbook to make some adjustments to a Fedora Workstation

Build Status

This is my setup. It was created to be of help when (re)installing a Fedora Workstation... or keeping it up to date. By no means this is complete or suitable as is for you... but if you want something don't hesitate to ask in Issues or even better a Pull request.

Workstation role changes:

  • Installs RPM Fusion repos (free & non free)
  • Installs Slack repo
  • Installs a lot of packages (see them in roles/machine.workstation/defaults/main.yml) and also removes others (evolution)
  • Enables some services (numad, tuned, ntpd) and also disables others (iio-sensor-proxy)
  • Installs Google Chrome (stable by default, it can also do beta and/or unstable)

Developer role changes:

  • Installs a lot of packages used by sysadmins and/or developers (awscli, s3cmd, docker, golang, php, meld, strace, etc.)
  • Installs Development Tools
  • Installs PyCharm Community Edition
  • Installs PhpStorm
  • Installs GoLand
  • Installs Atom
  • Installs gcloud

How to run...

  • You should make sure you can sudo to root without password,
  • Clone the repo,
  • Change variables from the symlink customize-me as you wish,
  • Open a terminal in the folder it was cloned,
  • Run the script ./configure-fedora