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eReuse App

About The Project

This is an Android application created under the project that gets information about a smartphone device running Android and lets you send it to Devicehub inventory with the goal to help recycling the device. The goal of Ereuse is reduce the amount of raw materials that has to be extracted from the land in order to build new devices. By streamlining the process of giving the components of an old device a new life, we're helping the planet.

Getting Started

Built With


Android SDK 18 or above. An internet connection.


  1. Download the latest APK available.
  2. Decompress the APK from your smartphone device and install it.


The app will ask permissions and show you your phone's data right after entering the app. If you want to send that information to eReuse's workbench, click the "Send Snapshot" button.


Distributed under the A-GPL 3.0 License.