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eReuse APP Purposes:

The main purpose of this APP is to provide of an easy way to inform about the reception, 
location and recycling of electronic devices to eReuse systems.

The electronic devices under eReuse umbrella have a QR code as a unique identifier.
The user will scan the QR codes and will be able to perform next operations:
* Reception
* Location
* Recycling

Every operation is geolocated using the device Location system (GPS or network connection).
The APP also alows the easy creation/definition of a new geolocated places associated to 
eReuse project where the previous operations will take place.

The APP also manages user credentials in order to grant that only allowed users are 
accessing to eReuse services.

How to 'reuse' ;) APP Code:

To continue developing or build the project, you can just import it into AndroidStudio.
As any AndroidStudio project, it is already prepared to be built using gradle.

Main Project Dependencies: 

* Android Play Services (GoogleMaps)
* AppCompat-v7 (Toolbar compatibility)
* Spring Android Rest & gson (Communication to eReuse servers)


* This APP has been developed by Jamgo SCCL. Technological cooperative based in Barcelona.