Presentations from eRum 2016
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eRum 2016 -- presentations

Day 1 (12.10) -- workshops, see:

Day 2 (13.10)

  1. Welcome Session - Maciej Beręsewicz
  2. Invited Talks I - chairman: Rasmus Bååth
  3. Parallel session I
  4. Invited Talks II - chairman: Katarzyna Kopczewska
  5. Parallel session II
  6. Invited Talks III - chairman: Heather Turner
  7. Parallel session III
  8. Poster session
    • What are sampling errors in the vegetation studies using visual estimation of presence and cover of plants? R can help - Damian Chmura
    • RNA-seq transcriptional profiling of PPD-b-stimulated peripheral blood from cattle infected with Mycobacterium bovis - Carolina Correia
    • Pharmacokinetics-driven modeling of metabolomics data - Emilia Daghir-Wojtkowiak
    • R as a tool for geospatial modeling in large dataset - example of dasymetric modeling at a continental scale (United States) - Anna Dmowska
    • Application of Artificial Neural Network to Planar Chromatography Data - Dimitri Fichou
    • cgmisc: enhanced genome-wide association analyses and visualization - Jagoda Jabłonska
    • Penalized regression inference regarding variable selection in regular and high dimensions: comparison of selected methods implemented in R - Marta Karas
    • Wrestling with big data in forestry: use of R in Scots pine site index analysis - Wojciech Kedziora
    • An R implementation of Kauffman's NK model - Tomasz Owczarek
    • R as an effective data mining tool in chemistry - Anna Rybinska
    • Applying genetic algorithms to calibrate a processing chain for a Landsat-based time series analysis of disturbance - regrowth dynamics in tropical forests - Fabián Santos
    • Modelling the distrubution of the bryophytes in different spatial scales - Sylwia Wierzcholska

Day 3 (14.10)

  1. Invited talks IV - chairman: Matthias Templ
  2. Invited talks V - chairman: Katarzyna Stapor
    • Simulation of complex synthetic data with the R package simPop - Matthias Templ
    • Geo-located point data: measurement of agglomeration and concentration - Katarzyna Kopczewska
  3. Parallel session IV - chairman: Joanna Zyprych-Walczak
  4. Closing session - Maciej Beręsewicz