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Xcode 9.2, iOS 11.2 brought some changes to Swift 4 and XCUITest.

iOS Version : 11.2 Xcode Version : 9.2 Swift Version : 4.0

Technolgoies utilized; Swift 4.0 Xcode 9 UIKit CoreData Foundation iOS 11 XCTest Storyboards

tasks covered in this sample project;

  • Accessing Labels by its current string staticTexts[""]
  • Accessing elements by their accessibility identifier
  • Getting the value of the current label/item depends on the element kind.

Accessibility identifier: Use it for grabbing access to the label.

  - Otherwise you must access it by the current staticText on the label,
  - Don't: set the Accessibility Hint, or Accessibility Label as that can mess up a test result on the labels new value.

Use the new waitForExistance.

Setup the XCUIElement for labels, cells, etc. Then waitForExistance, do not do the exist == 1 testing like a year or two ago.

How long does it take to write tests?

It appears some elements can take time to get right the first time, up to 30 minutes per test.

Requirements for Weather testing added using Wunderground

Get your API key here >> Once you have that key, you can launch the app in simulator or on your phone, and insert the api key in prefs. Now weather tests will work.

Changes to Support Weather information.

I added in the current_observation swift class that assists in decoding the json with the new iOS 11 JSONDecoder. It uses the new Codable class for structs enums, and classes to decode the JSON.

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