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Exploring music through textile

eTextile Synthesizer

About The project

After setting up the E256 eTextile matrix sensor it is now time to use it for live electronic music performances. eTextile-Synthesizers are handcrafted multi-touch digital interfaces based on smart textile materials and custom electronic solutions. These eTextile-synthesizers open up new possibilities for electronic music playing. The project features a fully embedded multitouch eTextile-Synthesizers that combines the powerful Teensy 4.0 MCU and its audio library with the E256 eTextile matrix sensor technology. One of the main purpose of this project is to promote an intuitive music playing as well as taking benefit of textile textures diversity to form tactile cues that guide the touch. Like the popular Eurorack modules all eTextile-Synthesizers can connect each other via mini-jack and share them tempo as well as notes and audio streams. Thus each eTextile-Synthesizer devices have dedicated audio functionalities to generate or filter audio signals.

Development tools & DOCs

Project content

  • Hardware_textile: eTextile-Synthesizer tutorial
  • Hardware_electronic: Open Hardware electronic parts (Made with KiCad)
  • Firmware: eTextile-Synthesizer firmware (Compile with Arduino)
  • Softwear: demos applications (PureData, MaxMSP, Max4Live, etc.)


Feature Description
Power-IN DC-5V
Hardware resolution 16x16 FSRs with hardware interpolation
Multi-Touch (Max points) User defined
Points characteristics [ID, STATE, CX, CY, WIDTH, HEIGHT, DEPTH]
XY resolution [0:127] integer
Z resolution [0:127] integer
FPS 500 - 550
Audio IN ADC 16bits (mini-jack)
Audio OUT_1 DAC 16bits (mini-jack)
Audio OUT_2 Headphone (mini-jack)
Connectivity USB_MIDI
Connectivity USB_SLIP-OSC
Connectivity USB_MPE (TODO)
Connectivity MIDI I/O (mini-jack)


  • NIME17 - Designing a Multi-Touch eTextile for Music Performances / Paper - Video
  • MOCO17 - Music Skin: Fabric Interface for Expressive Music Control / Paper


Except as otherwise noted, all files in the eTextile-Synthesizer project folder

Copyright (c) 2014- Maurin Donneaud

For information on usage and redistribution, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES, see LICENSE.txt included in this folder.