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Open-Source Software Policy

Version 2018.6

This document is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA). View License Deed. View Legal Code.


The term ‘Open-Source Software’ or ‘OSS’ used in this Policy means any software whose source code falls under the Open Source Initiative Definition 1.9

eVision OSS – open-source software released by eVision where eVision retains full copyrights.

Non-eVision OSS – open-source software where copyright is owned by maintainers and contributors to the project.


  1. You are allowed to contribute to eVision and Non-eVision OSS projects during working hours without permission of eVision OSS Board (as defined in Schedule B hereto) only if:

  2. OSS project is licensed under commercially friendly terms (for the list of expressly permitted licenses, see Schedule A). Expressly prohibited licenses include (without limitation): GPL, Public Domain, Shareware, No license specified. (For cooperating under other license terms you need to obtain prior approval of eVision OSS Board);

  3. the relevant code is not licensed under two or more sets of license terms;

  4. in the context of your contribution you are required to enter into a contributor license agreement (granting rights to your contribution to someone else than you or eVision);

  5. the source code and contributions of such project are publicly available; and

  6. such non-eVision OSS project does not compete with eVision’s business.

  7. You may perform contributions to Non-eVision OSS used within eVision software during working hours only when they are of material benefit to eVision and fulfill the requirements set out under clause 1 above (for example, fixing a bug or contributing a feature that eVision software will benefit from).

  8. You may not perform any contributions using infringing code or code licensed under prohibited OSS terms as part of eVision OSS code.

  9. You may perform contributions to Non-eVision OSS outside of working hours.

  10. You will retain copyright to contributions to Non-eVision OSS in accordance with that projects’ policy.

  11. Copyright and any other intellectual property rights to contributions to eVision OSS shall vest in eVision; you shall do whatever is necessary to transfer such rights to eVision.

  12. If you identify something in eVision source code that you believe should be open-sourced, please consult the eVision OSS Board.

  13. If you have any doubt about whether you are allowed to contribute to Non-eVision OSS, please consult eVision OSS Board first.


  • This Policy is applicable to all eVision employees, contractors, agents, third parties directly or indirectly engaged and involved in development of eVision software.

  • Your and eVision certain rights and duties arising out of this Policy survive the term of the actual employment / hire / another form of contractual relationship on basis of and within which the OSS was created. This however applies only to version of the Policy in place at the moment of creation of such rights and obligations, and any subsequent amendments of the Policy will not be taken into account.

  • This Policy may be updated and amended from time to time.

  • In case of any doubt, questions or queries in connection with this Policy or OSS, please contact eVision OSS Board. If you believe that any of the components or libraries created by (one of) eVision employees, contractors, agents or third parties and intellectual property rights to which are owned by eVision would benefit from being open source, please contact eVision OSS Board.


The following list may be updated from time to time:

License Name Version(s) / Copyright Date Reference
Academic Free License 2.0
Apache Software License 2.0
Apple Public Source License 2.0
Artistic license From Perl 5.8.0
BSD license "July 22 1999"
GNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL) 2.0 / 2.1 / 3.0
MIT license
Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0
Open Software License 2.0