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  1. PyExPool PyExPool Public

    Python Multi-Process Execution Pool: concurrent asynchronous execution pool with custom resource constraints (memory, timeouts, affinity, CPU cores and caching), load balancing and profiling capabi…

    Python 163 13

  2. LFR-Benchmark_UndirWeightOvp LFR-Benchmark_UndirWeightOvp Public

    Extended version of the Lancichinetti-Fortunato-Radicchi Benchmark for Undirected Weighted Overlapping networks to evaluate clustering algorithms using generated ground-truth communities

    C++ 78 14

  3. JUST JUST Public

    Python 45 7

  4. LBSN2Vec LBSN2Vec Public

    Code release for LBSN2Vec

    C 44 14

  5. Flashback_code Flashback_code Public

    Python 44 18

  6. HINGE_code HINGE_code Public

    Python 39 12


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