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CDRec Benchmark


  • Paper: Mourad Khayati, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, and Michael H. Böhlen: Scalable Recovery of Missing Blocks in Time Series with High and Low Cross-Correlations. KAIS 2020.
  • Algorithms: The benchmark evaluates all the algorithms mentioned in the paper: CDRec, GROUSE, MRNN, SSA, STMVL, TKCM, and TRMF. To enable/disable any algorithm, please refer to the Algorithms customization section below.
  • Datasets: The benchmark evaluates all the datasets used in the paper: gas (drfit6), gas (drfit10), baseball, meteo, tempretaure, and BAFU. To enable/disable any dataset, please refer to the Datasets customization section below.
  • Scenarios: The benchmark will execute the full set of 15 recovery scenarios and report the error using RMSE, MSE and MAE. A detailed description of the recovery scenarios can be found here.

Prerequisites | Build | Execution | Parameterization | Citation



  • Build the Testing Framework using the installation script located in the root folder (takes several minutes):
    $ sh


    $ cd TestingFramework/bin/Debug/
    $ mono TestingFramework.exe
  • Results: All results will be added to Results folder. The accuracy results of all algorithms will be sequentially added for each scenario and dataset to: Results/.../.../.../error/. The runtime results of all algorithms will be added to: Results/.../.../.../runtime/. The plots of the recovered blocks will be added to the folder Results/.../.../.../plots/.

  • Warning: The test suite with the default setup will take ~20 hours to finish and will produce up to 3GB of output files with all recovered data and plots unless stopped early.


Algorithms Customization

To exclude an algorithm from the benchmark

  • open the file TestingFramework/config.cfg
  • add an entry IgnoreAlgorithms = and specify the list of algorithm codes to exclude them
  • the line starting with #IgnoreAlgorithms = provides codes for all the algorithms in the benchmark

Datasets Customization

To add a dataset to the benchmark

  • import the file to TestingFramework/bin/Debug/data/{name}/{name}_normal.txt
    • Requirements: >= 10 columns, >= 1'000 rows, column separator - empty space, row separator - newline
  • add {name} to the list of datasets in TestingFramework/config.cfg


  author    = {Mourad Khayati and
               Philippe Cudr{\'{e}}{-}Mauroux and
               Michael H. B{\"{o}}hlen},
  title     = {Scalable recovery of missing blocks in time series with high and low
  journal   = {Knowl. Inf. Syst.},
  volume    = {62},
  number    = {6},
  pages     = {2257--2280},
  year      = {2020},
  url       = {},
  doi       = {10.1007/s10115-019-01421-7},
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