Work in progress kernel for the BCM2835 SoC (ARMv6)
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#Piker Monolithic Kernel for the Raspberry Pi

##About This is a kernel I've been working on in some of my spare time for fun. My hope is to create a basic plan9-like operating system.

The name itself is just a portmanteau of "Pi" and "Kernel". I'm studying computer science after all, not creative writing.


##Todo list

  • Finish memory management
    • Implement paging for user space
  • Start handling interrupts
    • Add some basic syscalls
  • Run some code in userspace
    • Add contexts
    • Add scheduling
  • Implement VFS
    • Load initramfs
    • Interface for virtual files for drivers
  • Add some drivers
    • SD driver
    • FAT driver
    • uart driver
  • Become self hosted
    • Port newlib/libc
    • Run userspace programs


###Philosophy The design philosophy is based off of unix, and some of plan9. The core principle is that everything is a file or file system, and that is the universal interface.


  • Applications/software are packages
  • Security
    • Single user system, but have permissions defined per package
    • Packages can only read/write their own data
    • Packages can only access devices if given permission

###Memory Map

####Virtual Memory

--------------------- USERSPACE
0x00000000-0x3FFFFFFF paged for userspace
--------------------- USERSPACE

--------------------- KERNELSPACE
0x40000000-0xBFFFFFFF unmapped
0xC0000000-0xDFFFFFFF raw memory mapping
0xE0000000-0xF1FFFFFF unmapped
0xF2000000-0xF2FFFFFF raw peripheral mapping
0xF3000000-0xFFFFFFFF unmapped
--------------------- KERNELSPACE

####Physical Memory

0x00000000-0x1FFFFFFF raw memory
0x20000000-0x20FFFFFF io memory