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@@ -61,10 +61,11 @@ If you wish to contribute the general approach is:
- Fork the Repo to your own GitHub
- Checkout your Fork
- Make sure you have [GitFlow AVH Edition]( installed
-- Create a hotfix or feature branch with GitFlow
+- Use Git Flow to *start* a hotfix or feature i.e. git flow feature start my-magic-feature
- Do your stuff :-)
- Commit(s) to your repo. We like small atomic commits that do not mix concerns
-- Push to your GitHub
+- Do **NOT** *finish() the hotfix or feature, we want to review before it is merged to the *develop* branch.
+- Push your hotfix or feature branch to your GitHub
- Send us a Pull Request
All Pull Requests are reviewed and tested before they are merged by the core development team.

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