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Merge pull request #135 from Infiniverse/fix-xqsuite

If a test fails because of an error, don't report that as a success!
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commit 8ed0246d55df68d040e2efa51a81f542b5297aa2 2 parents 00db4c3 + ad5780b
@shabanovd shabanovd authored
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 src/org/exist/xquery/lib/xqsuite/xqsuite.xql
6 src/org/exist/xquery/lib/xqsuite/xqsuite.xql
@@ -704,15 +704,17 @@ declare function test:to-html($output as element(testsuites)) {
declare %private function test:print-testcase($case as element(testcase)) {
- <tr class="{if ($case/failure) then 'fail' else 'pass'}">
+ <tr class="{if ($case/failure or $case/error) then 'fail' else 'pass'}">
if ($case/failure) then
($case/failure/@message/string(), " Expected: ", $case/failure/text())
+ else if ($case/error) then
+ ($case/error/@type/string(), " ", $case/error/@message/string())
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