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Advice on how to do Bugfixes with GitFlow and a warning about Hotfix tags
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@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ If you wish to contribute the general approach is:
- Use Git Flow to *start* a hotfix or feature i.e. git flow feature start *my-magic-feature*
- Do your stuff :-)
- Commit(s) to your repo. We like small atomic commits that do not mix concerns!
-- Do **NOT** *finish* the hotfix or feature, we want to review before it is merged to the *develop* branch.
+- Use Git Flow to finish the hotfix or feature. *WARN* - If you are using a hotfix, the current advice is not to tag it, as there is no way to send an unknown branch from your fork to upstream using a Pull Request on GitHub.
- Push your hotfix or feature branch to your GitHub using GitFlow, i.e. git flow feature publish *my-magic-feature*
- Send us a Pull Request
@@ -79,6 +79,17 @@ Although the following are taken from our [Developer Manifesto](http://www.exist
- Make sure the approriate licence header appears at the top of your source code file. We use [LGPL v2.1]( "The GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1") for eXist and *strongly* encourage that, but ultimately any compatible [OSI approved license]( "Open Source Licenses") without further restrictions may be used.
- Run the full eXist test suite. We do not accept code that causes regressions.
+Is a bug-fix a feature of hotfix?
+If you want to contribute a *bug-fix*, you need to consider whether this is a *feature* or a *hotfix* in Git Flow parlance.
+The choice as to whether a bug-fix is a feature or a hotfix is concerned with where the bug-fix is to be applied and how it is to be applied. First you should carefully read the "Feature branches" and "Hotfix branches" sections from [A successful Git branching model]( However, if you are still unsure, then consider the following advice:
+- The bug-fix is a hotfix if it is **critical** and needs to go into a very soon to be released revision version i.e. 2.1.n to address an immediate production issue.
+- Otherwise it is a feature, i.e. its just standard development towards the next release of eXist.
+More than likely, for a bug-fix you should use a *feature*. If you are certain you want to create a hotfix, please consider discussing first via the exist-development mailing list.
Our git-flow init settings
When we started working with the eXist repo we needed to configure it for GitFlow by running:

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