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Validate, compare, sort, parse, and serialize Semantic Versioning (SemVer) 2.0.0 version strings, using XQuery.

SemVer rules are applied strictly, raising errors when version strings do not conform to the spec.


  • Requirements: Java 8, Apache Maven 3.3+, Git.

If you want to create an EXPath Package for the app, you can run:

$ mvn package

There will be a .xar file in the target/ sub-folder.

Performing a Release

This project is configured to use the Maven Release Plugin to make creating and subsequently publishing a release easy.

The release plugin will take care of:

  1. Testing the project (all tests must pass)
  2. Verifying all rules, e.g. license declarations present, etc.
  3. Creating a Git Tag and pushing the Tag to GitHub
  4. Building and signing the artifacts (e.g. EXPath Pkg .xar file).

Before performing the release, in addition to the Build requirements you need an installed and functioning copy of GPG or GnuPG with your private key setup correctly for signing.

To perform the release, from within your local Git cloned repository run:

mvn release:prepare && mvn release:perform

You will be prompted for the answers to a few questions along the way. The default response will be provided for you, and you can simply press "Enter" (or "Return") to accept it. Alternatively you may enter your own value and press "Enter" (or "Return").

What is the release version for "semver.xq"? (org.exist-db.xquery:semver-xq) 2.3.1: : 2.4.0
What is SCM release tag or label for "semver.xq"? (org.exist-db.xquery:semver-xq) 2.4.0: :
What is the new development version for "semver.xq"? (org.exist-db.xquery:semver-xq) 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT: :
  • For the release version, please sensibly consider using the next appropriate SemVer 2.0.0 version number.
  • For the SCM release tag, please use the same value as the release version.
  • For the new development version, the default value should always suffice.

Once the release process completes, there will be a .xar file in the target/ sub-folder. This file may be published to:

  1. GitHub Releases -
  2. The eXist-db Public EXPath Repository -

Development / Manual Testing

Simply run: mvn -Pdev docker:start to start a Docker environment of eXist-db on port 9090 with the semver.xq package already deployed.

As the Docker environment binds the files from the host filesystem, changes to the source code are reflected immediately in the running eXist-db environment.

You can override the Docker host port for eXist-db from port 9090 to a port of your choosing by specifying -Ddev.port=9191, e.g.: mvn -Pdev -Ddev.port=9191 docker:start.

If you also want the Dashboard and eXide to be available from the Docker environment of eXist-db you can invoke the target public-xar-repo:resolve before you call docker:start, e.g. mvn -Pdev public-xar-repo:resolve docker:start.

To stop the Docker environment run: mvn -Pdev docker:stop.