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The Extensions namespace is used for projects that contain static internal extension classes.

There is no package or assembly though as the modules only link the methods they want to use.

For example in the Xpand.Source.Extensions.XAF.Model namespace there is a GetParent method.

using DevExpress.ExpressApp.Model;

namespace Xpand.Source.Extensions.XAF.Model{
    internal static partial class Extensions{
        public static TNode GetParent<TNode>(this IModelNode modelNode) where TNode : class, IModelNode{
            if (modelNode is TNode node)
                return node;
            var parent = modelNode.Parent;
            while (!(parent is TNode)) {
                parent = parent.Parent;
                if (parent == null)
            return (TNode) parent;


The consumer modules link/compile this file only, minimizing the dependencies.

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