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The SuppressConfirmation package can be used to enable specific SuppressConfirmation scenarios by setting the IModelObjectView.SuppressConfirmation attribute to true. The implemented SuppressConfirmation scenarios are described in the details section.


  1. First you need the nuget package so issue this command to the VS Nuget package console

    Install-Package Xpand.XAF.Modules.SuppressConfirmation.

    The above only references the dependencies and nexts steps are mandatory.

  2. Ways to Register a Module or simply add the next call to your module constructor



The module is not bound to DevExpress versioning, which means you can use the latest version with your old DevExpress projects Read more.

The module follows the Nuget Version Basics.



DevExpress.ExpressApp Any
System.Reactive 4.1.6
System.ValueTuple 4.5.0
Xpand.XAF.Modules.Reactive 1.2.46
Xpand.VersionConverter 1.0.34


To Step in the source code you need to enable Source Server support in your Visual Studio/Tools/Options/Debugging/Enable Source Server Support. See also How to boost your DevExpress Debugging Experience.

If the package is installed in a way that you do not have access to uninstall it, then you can unload it with the next call when XafApplication.SetupComplete.

((Xpand.XAF.Modules.SuppressConfirmationModule) Application.Modules.FindModule(typeof(Xpand.XAF.Modules.SuppressConfirmationModule))).Unload();


The module satisfies the following conditions:

  1. When any Window ObjectView changed with SuppressConfirmation enabled, a signal will be created out of the Frame.ViewChanged event. For each signal emit the ModificationsHandlingMode is set to not used.
  2. When web for each signal emit both the DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.SystemModule.ASPxGridListEditorConfirmUnsavedChangesController, DevExpress.ExpressApp.Web.SystemModule.WebConfirmUnsavedChangesDetailViewController will be deactivated.



The module is tested on Azure for each build with these tests


The module is integrated with the ExcelImporter.

Next screenshot is an example from ExcelImporter from the view tha maps the Excel columns with the BO members. The editable DetailView on the right needs the SuppressConfirmation set to true, to get a natural flow UI without notifications.


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