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The History.csv contains references to issues, commits, labels that affected each Release. For a quick search you can open the History.csv and type what you want in the header of the autogenerated grid.


For complex queries you can download the file and use the language/tools of your choice to query further.

However you can spare your time and do complex queries with the XpandPosh module and the Get-XpandReleaseChange Cmdlet.

Let's say for example we want to see what changed for the ExcelImporter and ModelDifference labels between and releases and we we want to display the results in a browser so we can navigate with hyperlinks which are not supported in the console.

Get-XpandReleaseChange ExcelImporter,Modeldifference -ShowInBrowser

Note that the Get-XpandReleaseChange offers autocompletion so you do not have to discover the parameter values.


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