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#Welcome to eXpansion Wiki


Completing this will guide you thought setting up basic server environment for the add-on to run. After finishing the installation tutorial, head on to Master Administrator guides, it's recommended to read and complete the first steps after installation!

  • Install guide for Windows
  • Install guide for Linux
  • Install guide for Modern Linux (php7)
  • Run multiple servers with same installation and database
  • Install with composer

    Installing new Plugins

  • Install plugins using composer (recomended)

    Master Administrators

    These documents will help you as a master admin to understand how the add-on works and manages your server.

  • First steps after installation
  • How to add/remove and manage admins using admin groups
  • Using & Debug AutoUpdate

    Server Administrators

  • Chat commands list


  • MusicBox tutorial

    Advanced Configuration Guides

  • [Disable moving widgets, and force server administrator defined positions](
  • Differences for Variable scopes: Global, Scoped and file
  • Migrate database from xaseco2, when you have no cmd-line access at server


    Guides and examples for developers

    In case you would like to author a plugin using expansion add-on, here some help to get started with.

  • Your first eXpansion plugin
  • [AdminGroups and Permissions](
  • [How to add multilingual support for your plugin](
  • [How to use color codes](


  • Hooks

    For eXpansion team only !!

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