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One of eXpansions' greatest abilities is auto update. There has been other controllers capable of auto updating before but they all downloaded a zip file and extract it. This techniques has 2 drawbacks:

  • You need to check if the file downloaded is correct, there might be an error in it(wrong download ...)
  • If you delete a file, extracting the zip wouldn't remove the file, and this might affect how the program works.

Our solution is to use composer, composer mainly uses git whuch is a version control tool we use to work as a team. But git also allows the creation of different "versions" of the project. This way we can work on fixing stuff on the main release while developing new stuff and put all together in a few seconds. The advance of using composerto keep your system up to date is numerous :

  • It is fast, it will only download changes
  • It will delete files
  • You can switch versions with ease
  • It will check integrity of files

Configure eXpansion for update

You will need to open the expansion settings window : Right Click > Server Settings > Expansion Settings

On first page be sure use git update is not checked. If you are a developer and wish to work on the project then you should install git and check this.

Run Update

this is very simple you just use the command :

/admin update

Then restart expansion

/admin manialive restart

How to solve your Problems

eXpansion won't start after update

A few things could cause this one of them is a mistake we did, another is an update that didn't work. The best way to be sure everything is fine is to go to eXpansions root directory and to manually execute an composer update.

On Windows just execute the update.bat file. Validate the update then say you don't wish to use git.

On linux simple execute php composer.phar update in the expansion directory.

Composer should tell you what is going on.

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