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Install a new Plugin

Using composer

The best way to install a new plugin to eXpansion is by using composer. This means the plugin will be updated automatically the same way eXpansion is.

Check How to use AutoUpdate feature of eXpansion

Plugins that are compatible with composer will give you a composer line requirements. The requirement should look like this : "ml-expansion/plugin-esl-yolo" : "dev-master"

Open the composer.json file with notepad++ or any other file edition tool.

Find the line with "require": {

Just after this line add the new requirement and a comma, the requirment should look like this :

    "require": {
        "ml-expansion/plugin-esl-yolo" : "dev-master",
	"ml-expansion/expansion": "dev-dev"

Then run the update procedure.


You might also download the plugin and put it in libraries/ManialivePlugins directory.

The plugin will tell you if you need to create a new directory in there.

If you do install a plugin this way it won't update automatically and you will need to fallow the updates.

Enable the plugin

Once the new plugin installes restart eXpansion /admin manialive restart

Check the list of plugins /admin plugins

And start the plugin.

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