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| eXtreme-Fusion 5
| Content Management System
| Copyright (c) 2005-2013 eXtreme-Fusion Crew
| This program is released as free software under the
| Affero GPL license. You can redistribute it and/or
| modify it under the terms of this license which you
| can read by viewing the included agpl.txt or online
| at Removal of this
| copyright header is strictly prohibited without
| written permission from the original author(s).
defined('DS') || define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);
// Database
$_dbconfig = array(
'host' => 'localhost',
'port' => '3306',
'user' => 'root',
'password' => '',
'database' => 'ef',
'prefix' => 'extreme_99939b3_',
'charset' => 'utf8',
'version' => 'eXtreme-Fusion CMS - Ninja Edition',
$_route = array(
//Change this to TRUE if your server has been configured to work with $_SERVER['PATH_INFO']
'custom_furl' => FALSE,
//Change this to TRUE if your server has got configured modRewrite
'custom_rewrite' => FALSE,
// Cookie && cache
defined('COOKIE_PREFIX') || define('COOKIE_PREFIX', 'extreme_5dd6cc4_');
defined('CACHE_PREFIX') || define('CACHE_PREFIX', 'extreme_16bbe3e_');
// Main path && site address
defined('DIR_SITE') || define('DIR_SITE', dirname(__FILE__).DS);
defined('ADDR_SITE') || define('ADDR_SITE', 'http://localhost/extreme/cms_5/');
// Encryption
defined('CRYPT_KEY') || define('CRYPT_KEY', '741e2fbc5191d4bb5a6e7f3d8af70add');
defined('CRYPT_IV') || define('CRYPT_IV', '0ad55a45');