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This is a repository for a website of


Use docker-compose:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml -f dc-dev.yaml up

a new user admin with password pass is created. Go to localhost/admin to access the administration.

You will most likely want to have current DB to actually see something useful where content is fetched dynamically. Ask e.g. Daniel to get it or copy it from the deployment (if you have access, most likely not) as is at the end of the README.

When you get the copy of the DB, copy it to the root of this repo under dev-eacr.sqlite3 name. It should be automatically picked up when using docker-compose now.



There are builds by CircleCI and Docker images are store Docker hub.

Everything merged to master is deployed to production, while everything merged to beta branch is deployed to beta.

How it works/manual

Through docker-compose. static and media files are inside the container, same for the db.

The deployment is mostly done in the script executed on the remote machine. Everything is deployed using docker-compose.

Fill in a correct IMAGE_TAG. That is a short hash of the commit (that's how images are tagged).

gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" ssh --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-2" \
    --command "env IMAGE_TAG=FILL-IN-HERE ENVIRONMENT=beta|master bash /var/server/"

Copy DB from production to Beta

# eacr-main-2 is production, eacr-main-3 is beta
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" ssh --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-2" \
    --command 'docker cp efektivnialtruismuscz_app_1:"/usr/src/app/data/production-et.sqlite3" /tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3'
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" scp --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-2:/tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3" "/tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3"
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" scp --zone "europe-west3-c" "/tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3" "eacr-main-3:/tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3"
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" ssh --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-3" \
    --command 'docker cp /tmp/production-eacr.sqlite3 efektivnialtruismuscz_app_1:"/usr/src/app/data/beta-et.sqlite3"'

Copy media from production to Beta

gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" ssh --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-2" \
    --command 'docker cp efektivnialtruismuscz_app_1:"/usr/src/app/media" /tmp/media'
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" scp --recurse --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-2:/tmp/media" "/tmp/media"
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" scp --recurse --zone "europe-west3-c" "/tmp/media" "eacr-main-3:/tmp/media"
gcloud compute --project "efektivni-altruismus" ssh --zone "europe-west3-c" "eacr-main-3" \
    --command 'docker cp /tmp/media/. efektivnialtruismuscz_app_1:"/usr/src/app/media/"'


We are using Let's Encrypt to setup HTTPS mostly following this guide. Relevant files are:

  • bin/
  • bin/nginx.conf
  • dc-deploy.yaml