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Minblox - sample set minimization tool

Minblox tool is comprised of two parts.

  • A DynamoRIO instrumentation part (libbbcoverage) tasked with recording all basic block executed during application execution.
  • - Python script that runs the DynamoRIO instrumentation and analyzes the log files to minimize the sample set.

Currently, it's tested on Linux, but should run on Windows with small modifications too.

To compile the bbcoverage tool, place the bbcoverage directory inside DynamoRIO distribution directory. Run:

*  cmake . (create makefiles)
*  make    (build the tool)

Copy the built tool from bbcoverage/bin directory to minblox directory. If needed, adjust DR_RUN_PATH and BBCOVERAGE_PATH variables in to point to required binaries.

If necessary, modify the HOST and PORT variables for HTTP server to listen on.

The tool has a couple of options:

  • --samples - Directory containing file sample set to minimize. It is required during the coverage phase.

  • --application - Path to the application to instrument. Required during coverage phase.

  • --server - If specified, sample files will be served to the application over HTTP server. For some file types, browsers exhibit different behavior when files are opened from disk rather than from server.

  • --timeout - Specifies the amount of time (in seconds) that the coverage will run. Can be unspecified if application exists by itself , otherwise it is required.

  • --logs - Specifies the directory in which basic block coverage files will be saved.

  • --extension - If set , files found under samples directory will be filtered by specified extension.

  • --output - Specifies the directory in which to save the minimal sample set. Required during minimization phase.

  • --cover - If set, will run the basic block coverage phase.

  • --minimize - If set, will run the minimization phase.

Lots of place for improvements!

IMPORTANT: Prior to running the minimization, ASLR needs to be disabled.