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Releases: ea4k/klog

KLog-2.3.1-RC4 - Release Candidate 4 - Latvian translation

12 May 17:44
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This release is just to test the Latvian translation.
Thank you YL3GBC!

KLog-2.3.1-RC2 - Release Candidate 2

06 May 08:23
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Please know that this is a release candidate, only for testing purposes.
Backup your data before running this version.
Report all your findings.

Differences from RC1:

Thank you EA5WA for your contributions!

KLog-2.3.1-RC1 - Release Candidate 1

22 Apr 19:28
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Please know that this is a release candidate, only for testing purposes.
Backup your data before running this version.
Report all your findings.

KLog-2.3 - We keep improving KLog

23 Oct 17:42
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Oct 2022 - 2.3

  • Improvement: Code optimization (TNX JohnS0819)
  • Bugfix: Calls like EA4K/P were not identified as EA.
  • Bugfix: Adding DXCluster servers was failing. (Closes #492) (TNX EA7IXM)
  • Bugfix: When accepting changes on Settings, the settings were being readed twice, causing errors an delays. (Closes #495)
  • Bugfix: QSOS with a lotw_qsl_sent status as NULL where not identified when queuing QSOs for LoTW. (closes #514)
  • Improvement: Added the modes and propagation modes of ADIF 3.1.3 (Closes #509, #510)
  • Improvement UI: Freq & RST labels have been reorganized for clarity.
  • Improvement: Windows package updated to hamlib 4.4.
  • Improvement: Minor UI changes in the Setup->misc tab.
  • Improvement: Showing seconds in the QSO edit can be selected by the user.
  • Improvement: LoTW upload process allows the user to select a specific locator to be uploaded to be matched with TQSL locations.
  • Improvement: Changed how hamlib is initialized to speed-up the setup widget exit, specially for non-hamlib users.
  • Improvement: Some code cleaning.

What's Changed

  • improved and more frequent hash implementations by @JohnS0819 in #485

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 2.2.1...2.3

Bugfixes on call identification

02 Sep 14:25
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Aug 2022 - 2.2.1

  • Bugfix: Temporary bugfix for Setup eLog Page preventing crash on start. (Closes #489)
  • Bugfix: Temporary quick fix to prevent call validation in some classes that may cause errors. (Opens #490)
  • Bugfix: Config for real time for clublog was not properly managed.
  • Bugfix: Calls like EA4K/MM were identified like Scotland, not maritime.
  • Improvement: Code improvement in the Setup of eLogs.
  • Tests: Tests for SetupPageElog added.

Callsign identification and bugfix

21 Aug 17:41
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Aug 2022 - 2.2

  • Bugfix: DL was not properly shown in the DXCC status table (Closes #460) (TNX N6PAZ)
  • Bugfix: Clublog QSO status export to file was not properly done.
  • Bugfix: Removing first char in the callsign caused a crash. (Closes #455) (TNX G4MKT)
  • Bugfix: Database was not beig properly created in first start.
  • Bugfix: Changing the statistic widget crashed KLog. (Closes #484)
  • Bugfix: Some prefixes were not properly identified.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some database column name typos.
  • Improvement: Callsign identification optimized.
  • Improvement: The Debug logging has been improved, still much work TBD.
  • Improvement: General code cleaning (
  • Improvement: General code cleaning ( alerts)
  • Improvement Distance is now stored for new QSO added or modified QSOs from the UI. (Closes #459).
  • Map back to OSM to recover the map for raspberry & linux
  • Translations: Spanish (EA4K).

Stop the war - Zoom buttons and spots to the map

17 Mar 21:34
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Feb 2022 - 2.1

  • Improvement: Changed the map provider to ESRI to be able to get Map legends in English.
  • Improvement: Added two buttons to the map to change the zoom level.
  • New feature: DX Spots coming from DXCluster can be sent to the map.
  • Bugfix: Longitude was not properly calculated from a callsign.
  • Translations: Spanish (EA4K).

Stop the war in Ukraine

26 Feb 10:55
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This release is dedicated to show my disagreement to the war in Ukraine.
We need to stop that.

KLog users: Sorry for the potential drawback but reading the news and what is just happening, I felt we need to act.
This action will be small, but big things are done with small things.
This is my small thing, please do your small thing.

Feb 2022 - 2.0

  • Stop the Ukranian war release.
    This KLog release is showing my request to stop the war in Ukraine.
    No other feature of bugfix will be done in this release.

Maps arrive to KLog

19 Feb 11:31
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Feb 2022 - 1.9

  • New feature: Map showing locators. (Closes #168)
  • Bugfix: Mark QSL to be sent is not shown if QSL is sent on right click menu in the search widget. (Closes #387).
  • Improvement: Query the radio after leaving manual mode (Closes #416).
  • Improvement: Grids are now sorted on Grid stats for satellites. (Closes #424).
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU), Japanese (TNX JJ1TGT) & Spanish (EA4K).

Hamlib related bugfixes and others

28 Jan 13:36
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Jan 2022 - 1.8.7

  • Bugfix: Removed the hamlib test from the KLog start that was causing big delays.
  • Bugfix: Serial speed was not saved to config file.
  • Bugfix: eQSL Uploads problem solved (Closes #406).
  • Bugfix: Connection to the radios were not being done properly (Closes #407) (Closes #379).
  • Bugfix: SplitCheckBox was checked when coming from Setup (Closes #377).
  • Bugfix: Entering a QRZ cleared the DX Gridsquare if it was previously entered (Closes #357).
  • Bugfix: Imported QSOs add the default electronic QSL send info if configured.
  • Bugfix: DXCC widget shows last Entity status after modifying a QSO (Closes #412).
  • Bugfix: Hamlib is now stopped while editing a QSO (Closes #414).
  • Bugfix: Hamlib on serial devices works ok. (Closes #355).
  • Bugfix: RST is not changed on mode change when editing. (Closes #423).
  • New feature: Added a Manual Mode checkbox to disable quickly hamlib & wsjtx integration.
  • New feature: Added "Save" and "Cancel" button when editing a recorded QSO.
  • Update: Developers mailing list address changed to (Closes #421).