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Oct 2021 - 1.8.5

  • Bugfix: Station callsign was not shown on window title. (Closes #347)
  • Bugfix: Received QSOs from LoTW were shown as to be sent. (Closes #358)
  • Improvement: Message of the mainwindow has been updated. (Closes #361)
  • Improvement: Logs to be uploaded to LoTW are only shown from the current log. (Closes #362)
  • Improvement: Logs to be uploaded to ClubLog are only shown from the current log. (Closes #363)
  • New feature: It is now possible to enable/disable the callsign check. (Closes #186)
  • Removed dead & commented code.
  • Improved how mainCallsign & Station callsigns are used.
  • queries are disabled if returns a non-subscribed user answer.
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Aug 2021 - 1.8.4

  • Bugfix: In some situations callsigns were always shown as to be worked. (Closes #345)
  • Bugfix: Double click on DXCC widget was not sending the DXCC QSOs to the search widget.
  • Bugfix: Queued LoTW were not properly selected for upload. (Closes #354) (TNX EA5WA)
  • Improvement: KLog start is optimized.
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Aug 2021 - 1.8.3

  • Added some backport code so systems without Qt 5.15.2 can compile and use KLog.
  • Bugfix: Selecting File->Export to ADIF was not showing all the possible QSOs to be exported.

Aug 2021 - 1.8.2

  • Bugfix: Updated the openSSL libraries for Windows users that was causing TLS errors on some connections. (Closes #342)
  • Bugfix: Spanish typo (TNX (EA5WA) (Closes #341)
  • Bugfix: Statistics were showing wrong numbers on DXCC/Grid per band (Closes #344)
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Aug 2021 - 1.8.1

  • Bugfix: QSOs comming from WSJTX and other sources where not shown, depending on logview configuration. (Closes #338)
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Aug 2021 - 1.8

  • Bugfix: Some recently added ADIF fields where not properly imported from ADIF.
  • Improvement: Code updated to Qt 5.15.2. (Closes #323)
  • Improvement: VUCC_GRIDS & MY_VUCC_GRIDS are also managed in the UI. (Closes #319)
  • Improvement: LogView fields to be shown can be selected in the prerefences. (Closes #23)
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).
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July 2021 - 1.7

  • Bugfix: RealTime remained checked when editing.
  • Bugfix: Some Hamlib parameters were not properly stored.
  • Bugfix: Coredump when no entity (Closes #302)
  • Bugfix: Colors are now properly defined. (Closes #275) (Closes #40)
  • Bugfix: Station callsign is read from the settings. (Closes #307)
  • Bugfix: The right setup dialog tab is open on first start. (Closes #311)
  • Improvement: DarkMode added. (TNX EA5WA) (Closes #56)
  • Improvement: DXCC & WAZ management optimization.
  • Improvement: Current UI data is saved before going to edit a QSO and restore after editing.
  • Improvement: Order of widgets when tab is pressed has been improved. (Working on #265)
  • Statistics: Added the Grids & DXCC per band statistic. (Closes #312), (Closes #313), (Closes #314)
  • UI: The Setup menu has been moved to Settings into the File menu.
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).
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June - 1.6

  • Optimization: Isolated the QSO tab to an independent widget.
  • Bugfix: When starting KLog for the first time, it crashed.
  • Bugfix: Hamlib was not properly started on KLog start (closes #126) (TNX G4MKT)
  • Bugfix: SAT_MODE was being added to non SAT QSOs.
  • Bugfix: DXCC status was not being properly updated.
  • Improvement: Added user selectable ADIF fields in the Other and My Data tabs. (Closes #4)
  • Improvement: Enhanced how the UDP server is started on KLog start.
  • Improvement: Added some basic SQL Injection protection to the UI. (Closes #95)
  • Improvement: UI data is saved before entering the Setup and restored after setup is done. (Closes #188)
  • Improvement: Only one instance of KLog is allowed to run simultaneously. (Closes #250) (TNX foldynl)
  • Commented some Flawfinder false positives.
  • Translations: Catalan (TNX Txema), Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Italian (TNX IU5HIU) & Spanish (EA4K).
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May 2021 - 1.5.3

  • Bugfix: Fixes the DataBase update process to add the Q65 mode.
  • Bugfix: Unexpected Setup dialog behavior. (Closes issue #178) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Time is not in UTC when "Log in real time" is uncheck. (Closes issue #179) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Missing translation in SoftwareUpdateDialog. (Closes issue #180) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Inconsistency text in Tip#2. (Closes issue #182) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Missing Translation string in SetupPageMisc::createUI. (Closes issue #185) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: When LoTW service was no enabled, KLog insisted to show the QSOs to be exported.
  • Bugfix: Setup->Satellites did not show a correct Short name. (Closes issue #192) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Removal DX Cluster unexpected disconnection. (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: Tip #21 was not shown. (Closes issue #184) (TNX foldynl)
  • Bugfix: TQSL was not properly found on macOS. (Closes issue #195) (TNX K0JM)
  • Enhancement: Improved the readability of the DX Cluster window. (TNX foldynl)
  • Updated the KLog tips.
  • Translation: Czech (TNX OK1MLG), Spanish.
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May 2021 - 1.5.2

  • Bugfix: Complex calls like K/EA4K/P were identified as wrong calls. (Closes issue #177) (TNX PA3FNT)
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April 2021 - 1.5.1

  • Added the GitHub repository to find new releases due to the issue with
  • New feature: F4 toggles the real time status (on/off).
  • Improvements on call identification management on user input.
  • Bugfix: Editing removes QTH and name (Closes issue #113)
  • Bugfix: Some complex calls (i.e. F/EA4K) were causing a crash unders some conditions.
  • Bugfix: DX Entity of some complex calls where not properly identified. (Closes issue #8).