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=== What's this? ===
Delayed Job Admin provides a handy little interface to help with debugging failed jobs created by the delayed_job plugin. Explore /examples for more details. A static example is at
=== Requirements ===
Supports Safari 3 and Firefox 3.5
Requires jQuery 1.3.2 for JavaScript behavior
CSS assumes a reasonable default style (e.g. Yahoo's reset.css)
=== Installation ===
script/plugin install git://
rake delayed_job_admin:copy_assets
Ensure the style is included in your layout:
<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'delayed_job_admin' %>
Before the </body> tag in your layout, add:
<%= yield :javascript %>
=== Usage ===
Access via delayed_jobs_path at /delayed_jobs, or define a custom route, example:
map.namespace :admin do |admin|
admin.resources :jobs, :namespace => nil, :controller => 'delayed_jobs'
=== Security ===
By default job management is publicly accessible, to inherit from a controller that restricts public access, create lib/delayed_job_admin/config.rb:
module DelayedJobAdmin
module Config
def self.parent_controller_class
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