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Inaccessible Attributes
This plugin disables mass assignment by default, and prevents the use of attr_protected. Attributes safe for mass assignment must be specified using attr_accessible. Logging is also improved to help prevent attr_accessible-related errors:
* A message is displayed during migrations as a reminder to use attr_accessible for newly added attributes.
* The 'removed from mass assignment' logger warning is more noticeable in development.
Disabling Inaccessible Attributes
Some third party/legacy code may not play nice with this plugin.
The behavior can be disabled with the disable_mass_assignment method:
=> ThirdPartyModel.send(:disable_mass_assignment, false)
In your own classes, the plugin must be disabled before the offending code is mixed in.
class MyModel < ActiveRecord::Base
disable_mass_assignment false
include BehaviorWithAttrProtected
Keep a look out for potential mass assignment problems during testing:
tail -f log/test.log | grep WARNING
Copyright (c) 2008 Eric Chapweske, released under the MIT license
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