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What's this?

Turbo mode makes reloading code fast and easy.


  1. To reload, Ctrl+\ (or kill -SIGQUIT child_pid)
  2. Note that 'exit' doesn't quite work at the moment. Use Ctrl+C to exit.
  3. To see the list of files that aren't reloadable: puts $SHARED_FEATURES.sort



  1. TURBO_MODE=true script/console
  • Files loaded before route initialization won't be reloadable: (e.g. Gemfile, initializers, and any app files referenced during startup)
  • Files not yet loaded will be reloadable (most models, views, and controllers)

Not Rails

   # a bunch of code that won't be reloadable

  TurboMode.enable! do
    # after_fork hooks:
    # ActiveRecord::Base.clear_all_connections!

  # a bunch of code that will be reloadable


  1. ENV['TURBO_SIGNAL'] - The signal used to request reloads. e.g. TURBO_SIGNAL=HUP

Things it breaks

  1. SIGQUIT is captured. This breaks the exit method, but provides the reload shortcut Ctrl+\
  2. Let's find out.