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Current contributors

  * Hans Rakers - Project admin, main developer. Active since 2006.

Contributors in the past

  * Bart Vanbrabant - Former project leader/admin and main developer from 2005-2012
  * Franck Tabary - Former admin of the project, initiator of the Turck MMCache fork in 2004
  * Segv74 - Turck MMCache bugfixes, the guy who transformed Turck MMCache into eAccelerator
  * Frank Alcantara - previous project administrator
  * Lyle Arnot - code contributor, win32 compiler/tester, Spanish translations
  * Anthony Duerr - English translator, corrector
  * Feng Feng - Chinese translator
  * Pascal Bleser - Suse packager
  * Oden Eriksson - Mandrake packager
  * Denny Reeh - German translator
  * Werner Klausen - Norsk oversetter
  * Olivier Garcia - Debian packager
  * Irfan Ahromi - Indonesian translator

And of course everyone who helped us by reporting issues.

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