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base fork: eaceaser/pyrcon
base: aa679079b6
head fork: eaceaser/pyrcon
compare: 8ac269a0f6
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ def _define_methods(self):
d(frostbite.commands.Version, r.version, filter=lambda r: r.split(" "))
d(frostbite.commands.ServerInfo,, filter=lambda i: ServerState.from_dict(i).to_packet_array())
- d(frostbite.commands.AdminListPlayers, r.list_players, filter=lambda p: PlayerCollection.from_dict(p).to_packet_array())
+ d(frostbite.commands.AdminListPlayers, r.list_all_players, filter=lambda p: PlayerCollection.from_dict(p).to_packet_array())
d(frostbite.commands.FrostbiteVariable, r.get_variable, filter=lambda v: [v], extract_args=lambda m:[m.words[0]])
d(frostbite.commands.MapListList, r.list_maps, filter=lambda m: MapList.from_dict(m).to_packet_array())
d(frostbite.commands.MapListGetMapIndices, r.get_map_indices)

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