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Battlefield 3 Proxy Server that emulates procon.

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PyRCon is a Frostbite Engine 2 RCon proxy server that is intended to be a replacement for Procon.


#pyrcon on

No mailing list... YET.

API Documentation


  • Support Battlefield 3
  • Provide an easy platform to write event-driven modules to add functionality to a BF3 Server.
  • Be crossplatform.
  • Be lightweight and easily configurable.


Installation and Quick Start (Linux/Mac OS X)

First make sure you have a working Python environment. For example:

terminal> python
Python 2.7.2 (default, Dec 20 2011, 16:56:46)
[GCC 4.2.1 (Based on Apple Inc. build 5658) (LLVM build 2336.1.00)] on darwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

Currently the easiest way to install PyRCon is to clone the git repo.

git clone git://

Alternatively, you can download the current snapshot of the source tree from github:

Next, install the python dependencies:

pip install gevent
pip install pyyaml

I prefer using pip, but easy_install should work just fine too.

Finally, edit the sample config file located in pyrcon/config/sample.yml. Most importantly, edit the rcon section:


As well as the server section:


Save your configuration file to a new file, for example, config.yml.

Finally, run PyRCon:

python ./ -c config/config.yml -vv

It is recommended to run with the -vv (verbose) flags as things are currently unstable.

Running the Client

To run the command line client, run:


You should be given a PyRCon> prompt which you can use to interact with the server. For example:

PyRCon> help
usage: info: Basic Server Info.
usage: maps
usage: version: BF3 Server Version.
usage: vars
usage: player
usage: ban
usage: nextround: Switch server to the next round.
usage: knownmaps
usage: teams
PyRCon> knownmaps
Operation Metro (MP_Subway): ConquestLarge0 ConquestSmall0 RushLarge0 SquadRush0 TeamDeathMatch0 SquadDeathMatch0
Sharqi Peninsula (XP1_003): ConquestLarge0 ConquestSmall0 ConquestSmall1 RushLarge0 SquadRush0 TeamDeathMatch0 SquadDeathMatch0
Grand Bazaar (MP_001): ConquestLarge0 ConquestSmall0 RushLarge0 SquadRush0 TeamDeathMatch0 SquadDeathMatch0
Strike at Karkand (XP1_001): ConquestLarge0 ConquestSmall0 ConquestSmall1 RushLarge0 SquadRush0 TeamDeathMatch0 SquadDeathMatch0
Tehran Highway (MP_003): ConquestLarge0 ConquestSmall0 RushLarge0 SquadRush0 TeamDeathMatch0 SquadDeathMatch0
PyRCon> version
BF3 896646
PyRCon> maps
PyRCon/maps> list
(* = Current Map, ! = Next Map)
*1. MP_Subway RushLarge0  2
!2. XP1_003 RushLarge0  2
 3. MP_001  RushLarge0  2
 4. XP1_001 RushLarge0  2
 5. MP_003  RushLarge0  2
 6. MP_007  RushLarge0  2
 7. MP_017  RushLarge0  2
 8. MP_013  RushLarge0  2
 9. MP_012  RushLarge0  2
 10. MP_011 RushLarge0  2
 11. XP1_002  RushLarge0  2
 12. XP1_004  RushLarge0  2
 13. MP_018 RushLarge0  2


The client has full readline support, including command history and tab completion.

Why not Procon?

  • Procon is not easy to run crossplatform. It currently relies on having the .NET CLR installed in some form. Most non-Windows servers do not have a CLR environment unless they install Mono, which is not a common package on most server OS distributions.
  • Procon is not very lightweight or componentized. It is both a layer server as well as a GUI that includes features such as a map viewer, plugin downloader, etc. I think a more modular architecture where the server is a headless, daemonizable process with no UI provides for a more flexible and easier to manage system.
  • Easier Plugin / Module API. Procon handles plugins by using a very strange C# runtime compilation stage, which makes writing and testing plugins very difficult.

General Roadmap

  • Finish pyrconc client
  • Finish documentation.
  • Finish testing.
  • Remove the simple JSON protocol and replace it with a strutured protobuf-driven protocol.
  • Start a separate web frontend project for PyRCon.
  • Rewrite the authentication to support multi-user credentials.
  • Add SSL encryption to remote protocols.


Edward Ceaser

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