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We love Sketch here at Each&Other. Occasionally we'll come across a problem worth writing a plugin for. When we do, you'll find it here.


###Artboards to pages When the designers find it most comfortable to work with 'flat' Sketch files with a lot of artboards on a single page, and the developers find it quicker to work with pages with a single artboard on each of them. Running this on a page with several artboards will create a new page for each artboard, re-using the name of the artboard as a page name.

It will append an index number at the end of each new page so duplicates don't happen. It also prompts you for a prefix and suffix for the page names, but this may be left blank. This was a quick and dirty plugin, but feel free to tweak it to your own needs.


Dev team

@ColmMcBarron @IanHuet @ConorLuddy @Becco @RicheyRyan @adrn01