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This repository contains the raw perceptual and optical data, as well as analysis scripts, from:

A perceptual eyebox for near-eye displays. Steven A. Cholewiak, Zeynep Başgöze, Ozan Cakmakci, David M. Hoffman, and Emily A. Cooper. Optics Express, in press

1) Perceptual data: the file “perceptual_data.csv” contains these fields for each recorded trial:

  • subject: subject number

  • AR: type of simulated AR (binoar: binocular AR / monoar: monocular AR)

  • luning: how many eyes have vignetting (monolune: only one eye has vignetting / binolune: both eyes have vignetting)

  • where: which part of the visual field is vignetted (nasal/temporal)

  • eyedom: the dominance of the eye with a vignetted view (dominant/nondominant or both, determined wrt to sensory eye dominance)

  • uniformity: how uniform the image is (percentage of edge luminance relative to center: %10 least uniform, %75 most uniform)

  • repeat: condition repetition number (6 repeats for each condition)

  • rawresp: subject responses in their raw format (in a scale of -2 -1 0 1 2 )

  • pref: subject preference (uniform or vignetted)

  • convresp: recoded responses (negative responses are vignetted preferred, positive responses are uniform preferred, 2 indicates strong, 1 indicates slight)

  • sendomeye: sensory dominant eye (left/right, defined by Binocular Rivalry (BR) Task)

  • eye: which eye has a vignetted view, NOT-converted to dominant eye (left/right/both)

2) Optical data: the files "eyepiece_nonuniformities_without_eyeroll.csv" and "eyepiece_nonuniformities_with_eyeroll.csv" contain these fields for the optical element described in the manuscript:

  • x: x coordinate of the pupil in mm, relative to the nominal center

  • y: y coordinate of the pupil in mm, relative to the nominal center

  • z: z coordinate of the pupil in mm, relative to the eyepiece

  • nonuniformity: 5 point field non-uniformity

  • source_center: number of rays seen from center source at the sensor

  • source_left: number of rays seen from left source at the sensor

  • source_right: number of rays seen from right source at the sensor

  • source_bottom: number of rays seen from bottom source at the sensor

  • source_top: number of rays seen from top source at the sensor

3) Code: each iPython Notebook contains code for generating the indicated figures/analyses reported in the manuscript.


Data and code from Cholewiak et al. (2020) A perceptual eyebox for near-eye displays, Optics Express







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