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1 parent 1713c95 commit 3765f2dc61dfd0dd9d12839fee8cc58e56af6269 Eugene Efremov committed Apr 16, 2012
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@@ -45,11 +45,16 @@ class BSONTranscoder(object):
def encode(data):
+ print 'encode', type(data)
if not isinstance(data, dict):
- raise ValueError('BSON can only encode dictionary objects. Try calling to_dict() on the data you are passing in.')
+ raise ValueError('BSON can only encode dictionary objects.')
+ print dumps(data)
return dumps(data)
def decode(string):
+ print 'decode', type(string)
+ if not isinstance(string, basestring):
+ raise ValueError('BSON can only decode strings.')
return loads(string)

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