Data, code, and images for a posting summarizing three studies about pie charts
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Summary Stats of Pie Chart Studies

This is a re-processing of the data we collected in three studies on pie charts for a talk and a blog posting. The idea is to present the data in a way that's readable to most people. In particular, use signed and absolute error instead of log error, and 95% confidence intervals instead of p-value testing and violin plots.

This repository contains all the data (copied from the original sources, see below), an R script to create the images, and a collection of images in three different formats.

I've also added a dataset that had not been published before for a blog posting about a reanalysis of data from a 2010 paper.

What's Where?

  • pie-summaries.R: the R script that does all the magic
  • data: the raw datasets
  • raw-pdf: the PDFs exported from R, as well as the iDraw/Graphic files I used to create all the other images
  • pdf: nice PDFs for each chart, with small images for the legend
  • svg: SVGs of all of the charts with small images for the legend
  • png: PNGs of all of the charts with small images for the legend

Data Set Origin

The datasets in the data directory are copies of the files in the following repositories:


All the images and data are free to use. Please cite these two papers if you use the pie charts study materials, though:

For the simplevis data, please cite: Robert Kosara, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Do Mechanical Turks Dream of Square Pie Charts?, Proceedings BEyond time and errors: novel evaLuation methods for Information Visualization (BELIV), pp. 373–382, ACM Press, 2010