A little random, unique token generator for Mongoid documents.
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Mongoid::Token - Short snappy tokens for Mongoid documents

This library is a quick and simple way to generate unique, random tokens for your mongoid documents, in the cases where you can't, or don't want to use slugs, or the default MongoDB IDs.

Mongoid::Token can help turn this:


Into something more like this:


Getting started

In your gemfile, add:

gem 'mongoid_token', '~> 0.9.1'

Then update your bundle

$ bundle update

In your Mongoid documents, just add include Mongoid::Token and the token method will take care of all the setup, like so:

class Person
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Timestamps
  include Mongoid::Token

  field :first_name
  field :last_name

  token :length => 8

Obviously, this will create tokens of 8 characters long - make them as short or as long as you require.


The token method takes two options: length, which determines the length (or maximum length, in some cases) and contains, which tells Mongoid::Token which characters to use when generating the token.

The options for contains are as follows:

  • :alphanumeric - letters (upper and lowercase) and numbers
  • :alpha - letters (upper and lowercase) only
  • :numeric - numbers only, anything from 1 character long, up to and length
  • :fixed_numeric - numbers only, but with the number of characters always the same as length


  • token :length => 8, :contains => :alphanumeric generates something like 8Sdc98dQ
  • token :length => 5, :contains => :alpha gereates something like ASlkj
  • token :length => 4, :contains => :numeric could generate anything from 0 upto 9999 - but in a random order
  • token :length => 4, :contains => :fixed_numeric will generate anything from 0000 to 9999 in a random order


The library also contains a finder method for looking up your documents called find_by_token, e.g:


Adding tokens to existing documents

If you've got an app with existing data that you would like to add tokens to - all you need to do is save each of your models and they will be assigned a token, if it's missing.


If you find a problem, please submit an issue (and a failing test, if you can). Pull requests and feature requests are always welcome.