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πŸ””πŸ”Š Beep Beep Another Beep!
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Enhanced Beep!

Install directly as Userscript


Apart from Mastodon's notification sound, you can play any sound for each notification type.

Currently Supported type of notification:

  • Favourite
  • Boost
  • Reply
  • Reply (Private)
  • Direct
  • Follow
  • Notification Deleted
    • Yes, you do not need to be confused anymore Reply is Deleted.


Have you ever used userscript? If so, you can install by opening the enhanced-beep.user.js.

If you are new to using userscript, please install extensions first into the your browser.

Userscript works with many browsers. If you are using a browser other than these please try searching for extensions.

Greasemonkey has deleted the function of GM_getResourceText and can not execute this script. (And the new GM.getResourceUrl behaves strangely ...😒)

Did you install the extension? It is time to install Enhanced Beep!! Open enhanced-beep.user.js and press Install.


If the Enhanced Beep! is installed correctly, there should be an Enhanced Beep! icon in the notification column title.


If it is not displayed, please reload the page. Also, Enhanced Beep! is not working when the icon is not displayed. If you want to receive your notification sound, please confirm that it is working.

Click the icon to open the Setting screen.

Enhanced Beep! Setting Screen

Enter the URL of the sound file to be sounded in the Sound Source URL and try pressing the πŸ”Š Test button. If the sound is heard, it will be successful!

After setting for each notification, Press the save button below and the setting is complete.

Do you need help on the upload destination? Please see Hosting Source Files.

Happy Beeping!


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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