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TSPW: The Simple Pandoc-based Website

This is a static website generator based on a very simple template and pandoc. It allows you write the content of your website using (almost) plain text -- more correctly said, using pandoc's markdown syntax -- and generates a static HTML5-valid website which can be deployed on a webserver. I used TSPW to create my own website.

How to use

To use TSPW, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have pandoc installed.
  2. Download/clone the repository (i.e. git clone,
  3. Create the content of your website by editing the markdown (*.md) files,
  4. Run make.
  5. A build/ directory will be created automatically for you. You can deploy (i.e. copy) the contents of this directory to your webserver, typically under public_html/ in your home directory.

If you skip the second step above, then you will get this dummy website.

Why create yet another static-site-generator?

There are many static site generators, e.g. Jekyll, Hakyll, pelican and more. And all of them are great, much more capable than TSPW. However, they are primarily intended for creating blog websites, and therefore, complicated to setup and use for a simple personal academic website. For this reason, I wrote this simple generator.

Why not directly write HTML code? Simply because markdown syntax beats HTML syntax and thanks to powerful markdown compilers such as pandoc, it is possible to generate full websites from markdown files. It is much easier to create content using markdown than using HTML.

Please drop me a message if you find TSPW useful and/or you use it in any way.

Example sites that use TSPW


The simple pandoc-based website






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