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== 0.0.6
* fully implemented 3.1 API
== 0.0.5
* fixed error where classes weren't being required in the proper order on Ubuntu (reported by Jon Moses)
* New things coming back from the API. Fixing in tests.
== 0.0.4
* changed dependency from hpricot to libxml
* utf fun
* cleanup all around
== 0.0.3
* pluginized the library for Rails (via pius:
* added helper methods name entity types from a response (recommendation by pius)
== 0.0.2
* cleanup in the specs
* cleaner parsing
* location of named entities
* more data in relationships
* moved Names and Relationships
== 0.0.1
* Access to Calais's Enlighten action
* Single method to process a document
* Get relationships and names from a document
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