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Completed/amended the --help description for --remoting

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1 parent 0bccfe3 commit 4c97b5169d36c6cf1822a55604164094f7bfb4dc @eallik committed Nov 21, 2012
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@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ class Options(usage.Options):
u"Parsed as `dict(<params>)` and passed as **kwargs.\n\n"
u"\b")], # so that Twisted wouldn't strip off the line endings before [default: <empty>]
['message', 'm', _EMPTY, "[m]essage to send to the actor"],
- ['remoting', 'r', None, "Set up [r]emoting with"],
+ ['remoting', 'r', None, "Set up [r]emoting with the specified hostname/IP:port pair; hostname/IP is optional and defaults to localhost"],
['name', 'n', None, "Set the [n]ame of the actor"],
['supervise', 's', 'stop', "Set how the spawned actor is [s]upervised in case of failures"],

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