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Learn how to create your own Azure Functions extension in 5 steps
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How to create your own Azure Function bindings!

This repository acts as a live learning sample of how you can create your own custom Azure Functions Output Binding in 5 easy steps.

Each step is represented by one project that references the previous one, so any change you make in one, will be picked up by the next one.

The code sample shows how to create an Output Binding for the Azure Cosmos DB V3 SDK, but it is only for learning purposes, this is not the official Azure Cosmos DB Output Binding for the V3 SDK.

The guide is comprised of the following steps:

  • Step 1 - Define your attribute
  • Step 2 - Create your connector or service
  • Step 3 - Define your Collector
  • Step 4 - The glue that binds it together
  • Step 5 - Activating the extension

Each step contains the smallest piece of code possible to understand the base concepts required to build your own Output Binding.

At the end, there is a sample Azure Functions project that consumes the result of Step 5 and can be used for testing.

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