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Cosmos DB content for OnDotNet on Channel9
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Underdog features of the Azure Cosmos DB NET SDK


This repo acts as backing material for the OnDotNET show talking about cool and new features using the .NET Cosmos DB SDK.

Episode 1

During episode 1, we'll cover:

Watch the recording! 👇

Watch the On Dotnet episode

Episode 2

During episode 2, we'll cover:

  • Learn to consume the Change Feed and create reactive applications that listen to changes in Cosmos containers.
  • Use the Transactional Batch to create groups of operations that need to either succeed or fail as a single transaction. For more information about Transactional Batch, check our devblog.
  • Leverage the Bulk support to optimize throughput for mass ingestion operations. For more information about Bulk, check our devblog.

Watch the recording! 👇

Watch the On Dotnet episode

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