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File History doesn't show all commits on file #523

fbehrens opened this Issue Oct 11, 2018 · 5 comments


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fbehrens commented Oct 11, 2018

Hi, thanks for the amazing extension. I am using it in the following environment:

  • GitLens Version: 8.5.6
  • VSCode Version: latest stable
  • OS Version: Windows 10

here is my File History Explorer on my gitlab-ci.yml file

There are changes in the file (coming in from a merge request), which are not shown. Compare this with:

git log --graph -5 .gitlab-ci.yml
* bb098e45 - (HEAD -> develop, origin/develop, origin/HEAD) fix gitlab-ci (24 minutes ago) <Frank Behrens>
*   c3caf15d - Merge branch 'mobility' into 'develop' (2 hours ago) <Markus Sauerland>
| *   bd9af011 - Bugfixing and extended logging (2 hours ago) <_Frank Helfrich>
| |\
| * | ab86adfc - Fixed bug with wrong message template in recreate process (5 weeks ago) <_Frank Helfrich>
* | | c3294ed1 - make 0t0x into prod (9 days ago) <Frank Behrens>
| |/

Why are the commits c3caf15d, bd9af011 and c3294ed1 which introduced chages in the file not shown in the File History Explorer ? Is this a bug or am I missing something ?


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eamodio commented Oct 11, 2018

Can you try turning off follow renames (from the ... menu on the explorer) and see if that helps?


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fbehrens commented Oct 13, 2018

Switching off follow renames doesn't change the effect.

For your answer I assume this is a bug.

In the commits no file-renaming was involved. Instead they contain some unresolved merge conflict markers someone accidentally checked in. The VSCODE diff window doesn't render my correcting commit (bb0..) correctly. This may be the reason for this bug, and I am fine to leave it like this.

However, if you want to trace this down, I will provide all required information to fix this.


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eamodio commented Oct 13, 2018

Is the repo public where you can reproduce this?


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fbehrens commented Oct 14, 2018

its on private gitlab, I can give you access if you are interested, on your email ?


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someusersomeuser commented Nov 20, 2018

my case
some files in project after open with Explorer tree no have history
after open this same file with buton in diff tool, history display correct
now i have 2 tabs for one file - one with history, another without
this is permanent state - after reopen all, reboot, etc.
refresh button no change result

"true" tab in debugger: const cachedLog
PromiseStatus: "resolved", and PromiseValue contains log

for "bad" tab, PromiseStatus: "resolved", and PromiseValue = undefined

isTracked method return false

in gitCommandCore method
data = "" after calling "git ls-files FileName.ext" or "git -c color.status=false status --porcelain=v2 -- FileName.ext"
for bad tab, and contains data for good tab

but many files history work fine after open direct from Explorer tree

GitLens Version: 8.5.6
git version

sorry, repo is private.

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