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crossover trial simulation and analysis
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'Crossover-Trial-Simulation' Introduce a function to simulate ABBA crossover study

'Crossover-Trial-Simulation-Power' Showing the analysis of ABBA using lme4 and nlme

'Crossover-Trial-Further-Simulation-and-Plotting' Simulate more sophisticatedly where one can vary one parameter. Simulate one trial and go on to analyse, the focus though is on plotting the data.

'THE-TWO-PERIOD-CROSS-OVER-CLINICAL-TRIAL' Based on Stephen Senn talk on youtube '70 Years Old and Still Here: The Randomized Clinical Trial and its Critics - Stephen Senn' Here I analyse the trial and plot the data whilst duplicating Senn's presentaion (permutation approach to the analysis). An improved plot for ABBA here also.

ABBA Shiny App. This simulates a two period crossver trial, plots and performs analysis. The code is in the App in the repository and is deployed here:

Crossover-Trial-Power-Simulation-en-mass-and-Plotting.Rmd and pdf This explores power for ABBA crossover trial allowing more than one parameter to vary and plot the results

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