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What is it:

It is an 'out of the box' vm configured for Geo Django, using Chef and Vagrant

  • It installs and sets up postgresql with postgis
  • It installs nginx
  • It installs some utils (vim, screen and git)
  • It installs some useful python utils (pip, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper)
  • It fixes VirtualBox issue where shared folders to not work due to addon/guesttools not being installed

What it builds/prepares:

  • apt - updates
  • apt-upgrade upgrades vm packages (disabled by default)
  • build-essential
  • database - postgres + postgis
  • geos - installs
  • proj4 - installs
  • git - installs
  • nginx - installs
  • python-pip - installs
  • python-virtualenv - installs
  • virtualenvwrapper - installs and adds virtualenvwrapper to profile
  • screen - installs
  • vim - installs
  • virtualbox-guesttools - installs guest tools so that shared folders work

What it doesn't build/prepare:

  • django - you should install this in your virtualenv

What doesn't it build/prepare but will do soon:

  • user setup
  • fabric template for project creation / deployment


I am using the default lucid32 box with vagrant. This is the only box I have tested this on. Feel free to report back your experiences on other boxes and I will keep this updated.

How to use it

$ vagrant box add lucid32
$ git clone
$ cd geodjango-env
$ vim cookbooks/database/attributes/default.rb #edit db conf
$ vagrant up

Thanks to