Strategic voting program, hacked for a competition in game theory.
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Bush - Strategic Voting

by Eugen Sawin


The MIT License


  • POSIX.1b-compliant operating system (librt)
  • GNU GCC 4.6 or newer
  • GNU Make
  • Python 2.7 or newer (only for style checking)




Building gflags

The repository contains a slightly modified gflags version with less verbose help output.
If you want to use the provided version instead, you need to build gflags locally:

$ make gflags

and then activate the two lines in the makefile, which are commented out. Alternatively you can build all dependencies at once:

$ make depend

Building Bush (depends on gflags)

To build Bush use:

$ make  or  $ make bush

To build Nixon use:

$ make nixon

To build Gandhi use:

$ make gandhi

To build all of them at once use:

$ make all

Bush (the strategy), Nixon and Gandhi are just different strategies of Bush (the program). Alternatively you can just build Bush and use the --strategy flag to switch between the strategies on startup.

Using Bush

To start Bush use:

$ bush <> <voter id> <voting system>

To show the full usage and flags help use:

$ bush -help

Testing Bush (depends on gtest)

To build and run the unit tests use:

$ make check

Profiling Bush (depends on gperftools)

To build Bush with profiling turned on use:

$ make profile

Getting cpplint

Code style checking depends on a modified version of Google's cpplint. Get it via

$ make cpplint

Checking style (depends on cpplint)

To test code style conformance with the Google C++ Style Guide use:

$ make checkstyle