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Meeting Docs
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Transmission Problem.ipynb
Widget Plot Implementation.ipynb


This repository contains all Jupyter Notebooks used for the duration of this research project.  The main notebook of interest is titled 'Transmission.ipynb', which contains the combined methods used in the 'Exterior Acoustic Scattering via Representation' and the 'Interior Acoustic Scattering via Representation' notebooks.

This repository also contains meeting documents pertaining to this project, titled 'meetings_CC' and 'Weekly Log' respectively.

Unresolved Issues (open to public commentary for solutions):
- How to combine results for interior and exterior of boundary (in make solution grid) such that the surface plot doesn't get a display error at (pi, 0) where periodicity is imposed...

- Why different boundaries (star, kite) do not display accurate results, while an ellipse and a circle do. Wave behavior is seen, but the magnitude of these waves is vastly incorrect.

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