List of projects I completed at the University of Michigan. Code can be provided upon request.
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Projects I completed at the University of Michigan. Code to projects can be provided upon request.

Data Structures & Algorithms Projects

Language(s): C++

  • Transfer one word into another given valid dictionary of words (Path Finding)
  • Sorted, Binary Heap, Pairing Heap Priority Queues
  • Database Implementation (create, insert, delete, generate index, print, join, remove commands)
  • Minimum Spanning Tree and Traveling Salesperson using Branch and Bound Algorithms

Computer Security Projects

Language(s): Python, HTML, JavaScript, and command line

  • Crypto Project: cracking passwords
  • Web Project: executing successful web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF with varying levels of security
  • Networking Project: analyzing network traffic and cracking network security
  • Application Security: exploiting buffer overflows to gain root access to computers
  • Forensics Project: using command line to analyze computer activity and understand cyberattacks

Web Development Projects

Language(s): Python, Javascript, SQL, and HTML/CSS

  • Photo Album Interactive Web Application using User sessions for public/private data
  • Large-scale Web search engine, roughly comparable to Google

Assembly Projects

Language(s): C and instructional assembly langage

  • Assembler simulator: takes an assembly-language program and translates it into machine language
  • Program to simulate machine code programs
  • Recursive assembly language program
  • Pipelined implementation of Assembly simulator using forwarding and branch prediction
  • CPU Cache simulator