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A collection of helper functions and special types for working with and extending Go's existing channels. Due to limitations of Go's type system, importing this library directly is often not practical for production code. It serves equally well, however, as a reference guide and template for implementing many common idioms; if you use it in this way I would appreciate the inclusion of some sort of credit in the resulting code.

See https://godoc.org/github.com/eapache/channels for full documentation or https://gopkg.in/eapache/channels.v1 for a versioned import path.

Requires Go version 1.1 or later, as certain necessary elements of the reflect package were not present in 1.0.

Most of the buffered channel types in this package are backed by a very fast queue implementation that used to be built into this package but has now been extracted into its own package at https://github.com/eapache/queue.

Note: Several types in this package provide so-called "infinite" buffers. Be very careful using these, as no buffer is truly infinite. If such a buffer grows too large your program will run out of memory and crash. Caveat emptor.