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Csound wrapper Cinder Block
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csound wrapper block for cinder

------------------ Info: ------------------

CsoundAPI wrapper Cinder block by Malfunkn

------------------ Install: ------------------

1.) Download and install Csound6: 2.) clone this repo into cinder/blocks folder

------------------ Usage: ------------------

1.) run the cinder:basic template in TinderBox and create new Xcode project 2.) drag the CsoundLib64.framework from Library/frameworks/ into Xcode 3.) drag libcsnd6.6.0.dylib from Library/frameworks/CsoundLib64.framework/Versions/6.0/ into Xcode 4.) Done.

------------------ Notes: ------------------

- -+rtaudio is set to =null to pull MYFLT spout into cinder’s audio Node.
(use -+rtaudio=coreaudio to directly connect with the system audio driver and -odac to select which driver)

Todo: - include the CsoundLib.framework to skip dragging operation - figure out msw support (.dll,.lib) equivalents - improve options setup, orchestra, and score modularity.


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