A Browser based viewer for cmis repositories. CMIS 1.0 complaint repositories.
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A Browser based viewer for CMIS 1.0 complaint repositories.

This is the code repository for the E-Ark, browser based, CMIS viewer project All issues concerning features and issues with UI should to be reported here.


For the backend

  1. A servlet container such as Apache Tomcat 7+
  2. Java 1.8+
  3. Apache Maven 3.3+

For the frontend

  1. Angular JS - 1.4.12+
  2. Gulp build tool (requires Node.js and npm)
  3. A webserver like Apache 2 or Nginx

Get up and running

Preparing the Server:

  1. Install Java 1.8+
  2. Install a relational database such as Mariadb/PostgreSql using the appropriate method(s) for the operating system.
  3. Create the database on the database server using this script located in the: bridge/src/main/sql/setup_db.sql directory
  4. Install Node.js and Npm
  5. Install Apache Maven 3.3+
  6. Install a Java Servlet Container such as Apache Tomcat 7+
  7. Install a HTML webserver such as Apache webserver or Nginx

Installing the viewer:

  • Clone the project

  • For the bridge/backend:
    1 - In the root of the bridge folder, build the project using maven by execuing the following command in a terminal: mvn clean package.
    There should now be a resulting *.war file in bridge/target directory named cmis-bridge.war
    2 - Install the warfile in your java servlet container
    3 - Browse to http://server-address:port/app-context/webapi/system/check and it should result in a simple HTML page twith the following message: CMIS Bridge is up and running!
    (Note that the "app-context" portion of the url is optional. In case the war isn't deployed as the ROOT context in the servlet container. The default app-context will be cmis-bridge, unless of course the WAR file is renamed to something else)

  • Installing the UI:
    1 - Configure the webserver to serve the project root directory
    2 - There's sort of an in-app proxying to the bridge so this url needs to be changed to target the bridge service. (As can be seen in this case, it is targetting the app context on the magenta server)
    3 - Run terminal commands: ``` npm update

    npm install
    bower update
    bower install
    gulp build

Feature considerations and todos

  • TreeView
  • Search
  • oAuth enabled authentication